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Project Name: 2C House

Typology: Residential 

Location West Sicily

Year: 2011 - 2012

Surface: 250 sqm

Client: Private

2C House

A beautiful villa in Sicily, in the charming landscape of Valle del Belice, overlooking a beautiful landscape, rich in vineyards and olives groves, with a view as far as the Egadi Island. 


The design took into account the expectations of the customers, a couple who loves contemporary architecture and had asked to design a house with flexible and comfortable areas, creating organic spaces with a strong personality. 

schizzo 2c house.jpg

The project involves the external restyling, with the redefinition of spaces and the division of the facade, as well as the distribution of interior spaces. 


The sculptural design of the spaces defines and customize various area, characterizing them in a unique way, such as the large multi-functional piece of furniture made of Zebrano wood which functions as an important visual focus, incorporating a wardrobe and screening the study area from the entrance of the house. Large sliding door enable division of both the kitchen and the study in a smooth and versatile manner.

piante 2c house.jpg

Ground floor plan

First floor plan

The service areas are located at the center of the house in a barycentric position, consisting of the laundry room and a guest bathroom, with perfectly camouflaged entrances so as not to affect the continuity of the wall. A spectacular open spiral staircase, embellished by precious black granite, allows access to sleeping area on the first floor, consisting of several bedrooms, including the master bedroom featuring a large walk-in closet, a comfortable bathroom with resin finishing and a sun deck, a private space designed for meditation and contemplation of the natural landscape.


Cross Section 1

Cross Section 2

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