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Project name: Ascanio House

Typology: Residential

Location: West Sicily

Year: 2011-2012

Surface: 110 sqm

Client: Private

Ascanio House

The concept behind the project involved remedying the relationship between the interior and the exterior, relocating the entrance to the home along the central axis of the garden, and at the same time enhancing the new path by creating an arrangement of rooms that follow one another in a dynamic and fluid sequence. Outside, the design intervention unifies with a crowning metal strip that winds around itself, encompassing the original overhanging perimeter within it. It enriches the living area by creating a small area set aside for relaxation and meditation, marked by a large picture window that eliminates the barrier to the outside world.       

The villa is nestled in a quiet green Mediterranean garden, hidden from view of the road and connected to it by a long driveway lined with palms.

The project involved the complete renovation of the building constructed in the 70s, enhancing some of the existing formal elements and complementing them with others in a search for a more unified image. The house plan, disjointed in its functionality and lacking hierarchical order, seemed to be indifferent to its relationship with the garden and the adjoining outdoor spaces.

3 muro in mattoni - studio4e - architett
Casa_Ascanio_ pianta-min.jpg



The colors and materials selected, along with the custom made furniture, contribute to creating a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, achieving rooms that are able to communicate comfort and serenity.

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