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Project name: Sicily Loft

Typology: Residential

Location: West Sicily

Year: 2010 - 2011

Surface:  170 sqm

Client: Private

Loft in Sicily

A modern apartment, a penthouse of light rediscovered thanks to radical restoration. The previous interior room arrangement has been totally modified by the interceding design; it has reversed the location of the living area, now located along the southwest-facing terrace, illuminated by large picture windows.

Logo Studio di Architettura a Palermo - Studio 4e

Flat plan

The heart of the project is the storage unit made of oak and glass, envisioned as a semi-transparent wing and hinging element between the living and sleeping areas. A concrete shelf supported between two glass panels, brush-finished with a special protective resin, divides the large kitchen-living area from the salon, unifying the various rooms of the apartment into a unique expressive symbol.

Fluidity and expansion of space, lightness, and luminosity, are the fundamentals of this project. The unostentatious and functional furniture, mostly made to measure, is the mark of comfort, as is the master bathroom conceived and realized as a personal spa

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