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Project name: Marine Gold Restaurant

Typology: Commercial

Location: Palermo

Year: 2018

Surface: 65 sqm

Client: Private

Marine Gold Restaurant

Located in the canteen of an early-twentieth century townhouse, the Marine Gold Restaurant serves oriental cuisine.

The project concept draws on the ancient Japanese art of kintsugi, the repairing of precious ceramic objects by joining the pieces with gold dust so as to create a new object quite different from the original. In the same way, the project assimilates the metaphorical message within kintsugi by providing a new life and artistry to the extant spaces though their reformulation.


Restaurant plan

Ceiling detail 

The central dining area is made up of three small rooms that, through their juxtaposition, allow a unitary vision of the entire space. This continuity is rendered possible thanks to the rhythm of strips of colored ebony wood with integrated LEDs which light up the gold-on-ceramic fractures, reprised in artistic fashion.

The back wall of the dining area is filled with a reproduction of a traditional Japanese painting, providing a fifth perspective that shows the volcano Fujiyama and the natural environment surrounding it. The restaurant has been further adorned with dining tables made from Calcatta Vagli marble, which contributes to diffusing a soft light throughout the space due to its reflective properties.

The technical illumination provides a fundamental role in defining the spaces.

The different grades of color on the walls and false ceiling refer back to Japanese shoji walls, further contributing to a suggestive and refined atmosphere.

sezioni - studio4e - architetti palermo.

 Section AA'

sezioni - studio4e - architetti palermo.

Section BB'

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