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Project name: Mediterranean Garden

Typology: Landscape

Location: Palermo

Year: 2014 - 2015

Surface: 270 sqm

Client: Private

Mediterranean Garden

This project centered on the garden of a historical townhouse in the important Art Nouveau neighborhood in Mondello, a suburb of Palermo. The only botanical remains were a few citrus trees and two Frangipani trees, whose flowers are considered to be a symbol of the Sicilian capital.

The client wanted to create a Mediterranean garden that, despite the limited space at disposal, could become a natural site able to host the villa’s different open-air activities.


General plan

The garden project included a range of elements, which were considered to be the location’s strong points: the few remaining trees, the old surrounding wall made of limestone blocks, and a metal pergola that creates an archway of flowers, providing shade and connecting the entrance to the very heart of the garden.

10 giradino mediterraneo - studio4e - ar

Bespoken parapet detail

The choice of using a continuous curve for the paving, which divides the different spaces according to their functions, pays homage to Mondello’s history and its art nouveau style – known locally as ‘Liberty’ style.

Washed gravel was used in the works to achieve this organic effect, emphasizing the garden’s plasticity and, at the same time, creating a continuous surface free from visual obstacles.

The botanical project includes the following elements: myrtles, teucrium, Eugenia Etna Fire, creeping roses, star jasmine, hydrangeas, photinia and agapanthus.

The result is a very original design that sees the garden as a “state of mind” in which sigh, sound, smell and taste are included to form a location to contemplate the natural world.

11 giradino mediterraneo - studio4e - ar



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