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Project name: Primek material district  

Typology: Commercial

Location: Palermo

Year: 2017 - 2018

Surface: 200 sqm

Client: Private

Primek material district 

The Primek Material District is a materials library, hosted within a historic home in the Libertà neighborhood of Palermo. The collection brings together the best products from leading companies across the world in the sector of innovative and high-tech materials for architecture and design. The site has been conceived of as a location to put a range of professional figures in contact with each other: designers, manufacturing companies and clients.

The concept of the project arose from a careful research into Sicily’s Arab-Norman tradition, which was always fascinated with the perfect fusion of different cultures through the synthesis of oriental geometry and the stereometric exactness of the Western artistic vision.

pianta Primek- studio4e - architetti pal

Floor plan Primek

Just as would be the case in a museum, in which the different precious objects must have their own perfect place of display, each environment in the material library displays the materials in a way that presents them at their very best. A display system was designed that creates different geometric shapes, following a precise mathematical order. Through a synesthetic design, the project concept uses the same rules to connect music and art, modulating according to different variations.

The entrance greets the visitor with the project’s three iconic symbols: the luminous letters ‘ZYZ’, i.e. the word ‘flower’ in ancient Punic, which was also the name given to the city of Palermo by its first inhabitants.

From the entrance the visitor moves through to the reception, characterized by the presence of a piano which introduces the concept of “music-material”.

The space dedicated to Hi-Macs material, which have a very high technical character, was planned with an innovative vision that reinterprets the archetype of mosaic inlays through a technological lens, creating a display wall according to a 3D-geometry in which color takes on a dynamic value and, thanks to a computerized system, changes according to sound frequencies.

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