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Project name: SD House

Typology: Residential

Location: Palermo

Year: 2014 - 2016

Surface: 130 sqm

Client: Private

SD House 

SD House project concerned an apartment in the centre of Palermo, in Via Libertà, built in 1930. As is common for apartments from this area, it has a long, narrow corridor that leads onto the different rooms, with an excessive subdivision between each space. The entrance and kitchen were the least lit part of the apartment, receiving light from the narrow communal courtyard. A radical revisioning of the original layout was thus required, creating a kitchen on the side of the apartment with the most daylight and modifying the entrance in order to create comfortable living spaces.

Pianta_progetto- studio4e - architetti p

Flat plan

The project’s central feature was a system of furniture and wainscoting in Makassar ebony that creates a unique chromatic effect, guiding the visitor towards the best-lit part of the house. The result is a complex and multi-faceted creation that moves with a dynamic rhythm through from the entrance to the restructured, spacious living area, connected through a single visual element.


The entrance for the guests’ bathroom and the laundry room was minimized while the headboards contain extra storage space.

The modern kitchen was finished in a neutral, carefully chosen style and connected to the dining room and sitting room, with a resin-finish island.

The environment was further personalized through an original, made-to-measure food larder designed as both storage unit and a work of art.

Great attention was laid on the selection of materials and choice of furnishing, according to a unified chromatic plan.

Ease-of-living was ensured through an automated system able to handle different technological set-ups within the home as well as light settings.

The bathroom environments have also been planned according to an exclusive design, with the basins created through thermoform by Corian DuPont, alongside expansive but thin porcelain stoneware.

Through this precise and original plan, the apartment has gained a new sense of space, obtained through the different spaces being provided with entirely new functionality.

prima e dopo - studio4e - architetti pal


prima e dopo - studio4e - architetti pal


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